Bachelor Travel in Spain – Index and Highlights

Travel in Spain

In the end of November, I was wondering how I spend my winter holidays. At first, I was planning to run much because I was going to run a full marathon for the first time in my life in the end of January. On the other hand, I had eagerness to travel overseas. When I wondered how many times I can travel by myself in future, it might not be so many. If I marry someone, and even have a kid, to travel freely becomes difficult. (Actually I have no plan to marry for now.) Although the flight tickets were freaking expensive in this holiday season, I decided to have another journey.

As for destination, I did not have any concrete plan at that time. I hate cold weather, so the destination is very limited at this season, when the north hemisphere is in winter. So, I was going to South East Asian countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, etc. However, the flight cost was not so different from Europe. I decided to fly to Europe, specific country Spain, which appeared the warmest place in Europe. The biggest reason I chose Spain for vacation was that, indeed. I really hate cold air. Adding on that, I like to visit the World Heritages, where you could see a lot in Spain. From my previous experiences in Italy, in the West in the U.S, and of driving across the U.S., I knew I could enjoy the World Heritage sites.

“Bachelor Travel”

My travel is obviously not a group travel. I only get the flight tickets and reserve accommodations for the first couple days in advance of the departure from Japan. I do not bring a big suitcase, but a backpacks. It seems like backpacking or more like Flashpacking, which refers to an affluent backpacker according to Wikipedia. However, mine is a bit different from both of them. I travel in purpose of seeing interesting places as many as possible within limited time, but do not have much money. I have to save money, sometimes skip meals or just takes a snack.

I am not a student, so cannot have so long vacation, either. I would say my travel is “Bachelor travel” which means a bachelor like me travel wherever and do whatever as I want. I bring backpack and stay cheap hostels or dormitories because they are just enough for me and provide me agility. While I save money, I use it much when it is worth spending. “Time is money” – I often remembered this quote during this trip.

I departed on December 23, 2010, from Japan and came back home on January 1, 2011. The airline was Aerofloat and it cost about 1,300 dollars for round-trip.

The following is index of this journey diaries. They will be updated with links when they are ready.



Some unexpected things

Because of holiday season, I had to pay some unexpected extra costs such as the first class of AVE to Barcelona, accommodations for the last couple of nights of this journey. Also, I had to change my plan for example, a day trip to Toledo. Spain in the year end was busier than I expected in advance.

My digital camera died on the day 3 unfortunately. As it was exact Christmas day, the shops were closed and I could not get new digital camera… So, most of pictures were taken with iPhone in this travel. Thanks to the accident, I became the master of iPhone photographing.

Start traveling!

Okay, now I am sure that you are ready to follow my trip in Spain. Start from the Day 1 in Madrid, Spain.


2 thoughts on “Bachelor Travel in Spain – Index and Highlights

  1. Nice blog.
    We talked about World Heritage sites in one of my Global Communications classes. I would love to visit some of them for myself.

    I am jealous of you. Barcelona is at the top of my travel to-do list and so is Tokyo. I’m sure you’ve been there if you’re in Japan.

    Looks like you got a lot done in Spain. Your bachelor travel sounds good while you can. You’re right that once you get married and have children you will not be able to travel at will. I’ve known this for a while myself and that’s why I am living abroad now while I’m free to do my bachelorette traveling!
    : )

    1. Hi travelingmad,
      hahaha, I am glad to hear that you agree with my bachelor travel. This goes with some risks and sometimes loneliness especially when you have meals.
      However, if your purpose of traveling is to visit some places like World Heritage, this style of traveling would work very well.

      I saw some of your blog posts. I envy you living in France. Although I learned French for two years in my university, I have never been to France yet. The country is still in my list that I want to go in future.

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