Day 0 and 1: Preparation for the trip and arrival to Madrid

Day 0

By the night of December 22, which is the last night before the departure, I did almost nothing but getting the flight tickets and scanned a guide book. In a rushed way, I reserved hostels for the first four days and the flight from Barcelona to Granada in the morning of the day 4. As for the rest of them, including which cities, locations I visit, I was going to decide after a few days in Spain. I do not like to decide everything before going there. My travel plan should be flexible as much as possible so that I could allocate my time to what I want to do in where I want to go. It sometimes costs a lot to do this way, but this is the “Bachelor Travel”!

I had only one concern, which was if the flight – departing at 7:10 AM – is too early to get to the airport in Barcelona in the day 4. I looked for the time table of the train in English, but failed… I felt that in Spain it might be more difficult to communicate in english than in Italy where I went two and a half years ago.


Day 1

It was great weather in Tokyo on the day of December 23. Right after leaving my home, I noticed that I forgot bringing gloves. I didn’t have time to get back home, but thought it should not be a big problem.

My flight was Russian airline Aeroflot that I never got on before. I took a Sky Access to Narita which did not need express fee, but fast enough.

I left Japan with the flight which was delay for half an hour from the schedule. In a flight, I always enjoy seeing movies. The movie ran first was “Anger Management” starring by Jack Nicholson. The second one was Russian movie with English subtitle but I gave up seeing it because the monitors were too small to read subtitles…

The meal wasn’t bad at all. I had Sushi and Japanese ice cream cup as dolce.

I arrived in Moscow with about ten hours’ flight to transfer to another airplane to Madrid. I was waiting for the flight with sitting on the floor. It was a bit behind schedule and we had to wait longer than we expected.

The flight arrived at Madrid nearly 12AM. I noticed that I misunderstood the time difference with Japan by an hour. I thought it was still 11PM, but actually 12AM.

The following pic was probably at Nuevos Ministerios station on my way from the airport to the hostel in Anton Martin. Transfer from Line 8 to Line 10. Metro runs quite often.

It was already passed 12AM, but many people were on Metro. It seemed Metro runs until 2AM in Madrid every night.

My hostel in the first night was located just ten minutes away from the Renfe terminal station Atocha. I chose the place because I wanted to move to Barcelona by train early in the next morning. I arrived at the hostel a little bit passed 1AM. It costs about 15 Euros for staying there. It was eight beds dormitory.

I went to bed 1:30, but could not sleep well because it was soooo noisy outside. Probably young people hanged out in front of a bar or something. Even worse, my roommates came back to the room after 3AM. It became quiet outside at 4AM at last, although I was going to wake up early in the next morning…


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