Day 4: Granada

The fourth day in Spain started early in the morning. I woke up at 4:30 to get the flight from Barcelona to Granada. Barcelona airport, El Prat, which is located 10 km away from the center of Barcelona. I took the earliest bus that departed for the airport at 5:30 and arrived there around 6. The flight of Vueling Airlines left El Prat at 7:10 as scheduled and arrived at Granada airport at 8:30. I had to take a bus to Granada city as well.

I checked in the Pension Britz located in front of Plaza Nueva just before 10 am. It was very convenient location.

The person in the pension kindly checked if Alhambra ticket in the morning was available for me. The entry to Alhambra is limited by time. By the ticket in the morning you have to end seeing by 2 pm. I headed to Alahambra in a hurry and reached around 10:30.

The shop on the way to Alhambra entrance. I guess he makes or fixes guitars.


The Alhambra has four main parts which are Placios Nazaries, Palacio de Carlos V, Alcaszaba, and Generalife. I seem to like Alcazaba because most of pictures I took was Alacazaba. Alcazaba means a walled-fortification in a city.

The following pictures are Placios Nazaries.

These are Alcazaba.

I always like this kind of a panoramic view. I do not miss visiting the place that has beautiful view wherever I go.

You can have beautiful scene of Sierra Nevada mountains covered by snow in the distance.

Generalife is gardens.

Generalife is away from other parts of the Alhambra. You can see them over the valley.

Cathedral Area

I left the Alhambra around 1 pm and went down to Cathedral area.


After that, I walked around Albaizin and Sacromonte area. You may see the pictures here on Facebook. (Click Next button at the upper right corner of the picture when you want to see next picture on the Facebook page.)

There is no pics, but it was good memory that a Spanish girl, who seemed 6 or 7 years old, taught me Spanish words when I was waiting for a bus.

Coming back from Sacromonte, almost dark out there, but I strolled Campo del Principe – square where many bars get together, but didn’t get into.

Then I was back in the pension at 6. Ate something with Alhambra beer quickly and then went to an Internet cafe to book hostels for the following days. As walked so long this day again, I went to bed at 8:30.


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