Day 6: Sevilla and Cordoba

Time went really fast. I had only three days left for visiting places in Spain. If I had more days, I could stay in Sevilla for another night. But I decided to move to another beautiful city in Andalucia, Cordoba, this day.


I woke up at 5 am to arrange hostels for the rest of trip in Madrid. Because it was amid winter holidays for students, I couldn’t get cheap hostels like 15 Euros per night. I had to book a private room for 40 Euros per night. This was another extra cost due to traveling in busy season.

After waiting for the dawn, I got out just before  8AM to take a walk around the Cathedral. I arrived at Sevilla in the previous night and went to see Flamenco, so hadn’t seen anything but Flamenco yet.

Behind the picture there was Ayuntamiento (City council).

The tram runs by the Cathedral.

Then walked to the bullring that was located near the river. Went down to the river side walk. It was pretty view with the sunrise.

Went back to the Cathedral again to see from the main entrance.

Got back to the hostel to have a complementary breakfast. To explain for readers who do not have experience staying hostels, the majority of the guests in hostels are usually students from various countries. I saw lots of European students, American, Indian and Korean. You do not see Japanese students so much. This is from my experience only in Italy and Spain. In the other countries such as South East Asian, the situation might be different.

After the breakfast, I walked toward the Cathedral again by the different route.

The Real Alcazar is located right opposite from the Cathedral.

I thought the Cathedral would open at 11, but actually opened at 11:30 because they had a mass at 11, which takes place on 28th every month. It was December 28th on that day.

I climbed the tower, La Giralda, in the Cathedral. The view from the top of the tower was awesome. You can see 360 degrees around the tower over Sevilla city.

Map of Sevilla

Since I needed to move to Cordoba, I gave up seeing inside the Real Alcazar. Walked to the train station and took Renfe train to Cordoba departing at 1:30PM.


With about one hour trip, I got to Cordoba. Took a bus from the station as instructed the hostel’s website and got it off near Ayuntamiento. Took a walk for 10 or 15 minutes and arrived at the hostel, which was located not far from the Mezquita. As soon as checking in, left there for the Mezquita. After checking the opening hours of the Mezquita, I headed to the Puente Romano (Roman bridge). The Guadalquivir river looked muddy stream.

Acrossed the bridge, I asked someone to take a picture with the bridge and the Mezquita you can see in the back of the picture.

Took the same way on the bridge to get back to the Mezquita. Inside the Mezquita – Mosque Cathedral – which is the World Heritage site.

The Jewish quarter.

The Alcazar.

The Plaza de la Corredera.

I guess they are Iberico pigs.

I went out the night because the live house in front of my room was so loud and noisy at that time. Took a couple of beer and some snack at the cheap “Bar Correo” and hanged out around the square.

Map of Cordoba

Much more beautiful pictures of this day are available on my Facebook.


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