Day 8: Toledo and Madrid

I woke up at 8AM on the 8th day in Spain, December 30th. This day was the final day that I could go somewhere. Toledo was my last destination where I wanted to visit in this bachelor travel.

Quickly took a shower and went out in a hurry. Then took Metro at Tirso de Molina to Atocha and tried to get a ticket to Toledo there. However, the trains in the morning were completely full… The unexpected thing happened again! So I bought the earliest one, which departs at 12:20PM. And same situation for the trains to return, it was going to be sold out soon. I purchased the one leaving at 16:50 at Toledo.

Got a curro and coffee at cafe and came to Reina Sofia at 9:30.


Museo Reina Sofia is the museum of contemporary art. I had more interesting in the arts there than others, Prado, Real Palacio, and Tyssen.

I didn’t want to wait for entry and no priority access with the place by Madrid card. So I was there half an hour before opening. There was 10 or 20 people making a queue.

In the Sofia Reina, you are allowed to take pictures on the contrary to other museums.

This is probably the most famous work in this museum, Picasso’s Guernica. There was a crowd near the drawing and two stand guards, so I instantly figured out.

After the Sofia, I went to the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza. There was a long queue again in the rain, but I had a priority access by Madrid card and got entered without waiting. Due to the limitation of time for the train departure, I almost walked through all floors.


You can go to Toledo for just half an hour from Madrid by AVE. It seemed to me like Tokyo people go to Kamakura in Japan because of the geographical relationship between the two cities, and their historical features. Toledo is one of the World Heritage sites in Spain and was the place which I couldn’t miss to go to. I thought so when I decided to go to Spain.

Got off at the Toledo station and could already feel the atmosphere of Toledo.

You can take a bus or walk to the main part of Toledo. I took a walk on the bridge with nice view on my left.

During waiting for the bus to the Parador, I walked the slope toward higher and had beautiful panoramic views.

Went to Parador on the hill across river by bus, which ran circularly around the river. The reasons why I went to Parador were that my friend Paco advised me to go there and I saw some nice pictures on the Internet that were taken from the Parador I guessed. I was only the passenger who took off the bus at the Parador. Because I was not a guess of the place, I hesitated to get into the building a little bit, but I walked through a hallway to get to the garden. I took some nice pictures from there as follows. As I imagined before, I was sure the location was the best for seeing Toledo.

I asked a front desk to call a cab to get back to the center because the bus ran once an hour. The cab cost just 10 euros.

When I strolled in the center of the city, it started raining. I got wet a lot and escaped in the Cathedral.

There was the house of El Greco, but it was closed due to the refurbishment. I walked around the Alcazar and took a bus to the train station. The vehicle in the picture is called Zoco Tren.

Waiting for the AVE for Madrid.

Got back to the hostel. The shower room was inside the room, so it became wettish after taking a shower. The bathroom was outside fortunately.

Same as the previous day, Paco picked me up at my hostel and took me his favorite place where we could see Madrid city from the top of the small hill. I couldn’t figure out where he took me. It was not a tourist place, but had good view as he said.

Then he took me a party at his friend’s apartment. I talked the guy in the center a lot about Japan because he traveled there last year.

Took a picture with Paco and the Santiago Bernabeu. The resident of the apartment, not in the picture, is a big fun of Real Madrid. The party went on until midnight.

You can see more pictures on my Facebook if you like.


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