Day 9 and 10: Back in Japan

Whether I wanted to leave or not, I had to take the flight back to Japan in the morning on December 31st. I checked out the hostel, where the hostel’s middle age woman was kind and friendly, and then took Metro to the Madrid airport.

When I arrived to the airlines check in counter, there was really long queue for checking in. I sighed a couple of times. However, the queue was for Air Europe, not for Aeroflot which I had a ticket. The Aeroflot flight did not have many passengers. I was waiting at the boarding gate for my friend Paco, who is working in the airport and told me that he was going to see me off. He came with his coworker half an hour before my departure time. We had conversation for a while there.

My name was called by Aeroflot when I chatted with Paco. I was actually the last passenger boarding the flight. Anyways, I sad goodbye to Paco and took the flight to Moscow, Russia. The seats were probably 50% occupied. Not a lot of people move from Madrid to Moscow on the New Year’s Eve.

At Moscow airport, I had a glass of beer. The price was displayed in Russian currency and I had no idea the currency rate between Russian and Japanese yen or Euro. I was tired and wanted to have beer, so ordered beer however it cost. After getting back home, I looked into the Russian currency and found it cost around 5 USD. I was relieved to see that.

I saw a couple of movies that were on demand at each seat on the way back to Japan. The meals in Aeroflot were not bad. I could be relaxed in the flight and enjoyed it.

I feel sadness and some relief in the end of a travel.

The best thing in my travel was that I could be safely back to my home in Tokyo. I already started wondering what country I go next in the train to my home. The bachelor traveler came back to Tokyo on the New Year’s Day with much satisfaction.


3 thoughts on “Day 9 and 10: Back in Japan

  1. Sounds like you had loads of fun in Spain. I love Spain. I was there two years ago, but I didnt get the chance to visit so many places like you! I spent some time in Madrid then I visited Cordoba, Granada and Gran Canaria. Definitely planning to go back to enjoy more of this lovely country. Thanks for sharing the details of your trip

    1. Hi Shaikha,
      I could visit such many places in Spain because I went there by myself. I guess you had some companies with you when you were in Spain. And I envy you for visiting Gran Canaria. That sounds really impressive to me. I imagine you enjoyed beach in the island. Hope I could see your pictures from there. cheers,

      1. And right after making the previous comment, I visited your blog and found some pictures from your travel in Spain. Those seem awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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