Being busy is not too bad

More than two weeks have passed since I blogged last time. I have been busy for working recently. So it is kind of hard to keep blogging. Let me write briefly about these days.

On January 23rd, Sunday, I ran a full marathon race for the first time in my life. My leg cramped a few times in last 2 miles, but I reached the goal at last. The record was 3 hours and 57 minutes. I was glad to achieve my target time four hours. My wrap times and some comments are on my Japanese blog.

In the midnight of the day I ran a marathon, I took flight to San Francisco for the business trip. During most of the flight, I was sleeping due to awful fatigue by the race. Arrived to a hotel in downtown San Francisco in the evening of Sunday.

From Monday through Friday, I worked at the office where I was until last July. I was busy after five, too. Saw a movie, Black Swan Monday evening, went to Mountain View by Caltrain to have dinner with friends Tuesday evening. Had dinner with friends Wednesday and Thursday as well. We went to Hands on Goumet to have a competition within a team as the offsite event.

In the morning on January 29, Saturday, I went to a theatre to see King’s Speech. In the afternoon, got the flight back to Japan and arrived my home late in the night of Sunday.

In the airplane, I saw movies, The Town, Wall Street and RED.

After coming back in Tokyo, quite busy for working. However, being busy is much better than having nothing to do in my opinion.



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