I usually work at home, so sometimes want to go out even if nothing to do. Going out just to have some fresh air and refresh my mind. Fortunately there are some cafe near my apartment such as Tully’s coffee, Doutor coffee, and Cafe de Crie etc. If I bring my MacBook and mobile wifi router, the cafe would be my workspace. I can’t have big screen in the cafe, but it is not a big issue. I like to work in cafe sometimes. I guess most of you probably like it, too. The intelligence work that I can do almost everything with laptop, iPhone and some mobile devices, does not require specific, fixed place. You can work anywhere and it is so-called nomad worker.

By the way, I got a nice stainless tumbler for myself at Tully’s the other day. I wanted it because my cups are usually too small and fast to get cold when I brew coffee at home. I like it so far, except when I burn my tongue. You know why.

p.s After publishing, I noticed the title of this post didn’t have much ties with the contents. 😛


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