Please help us – Japan needs your support due to the worst earthquake

As most of you already know, we, Japan, had the biggest earthquake ever in our history around 3PM on March 11, yesterday.

I tried to make sure all my family were safe first of all. They all live in Tokyo, which is fairly far away from the epicenter and where I live in, too. Now we know Tokyo area had much less damages than north-eastern part of Japan. However, when the earthquake happened, which was big and I never experience in my life, I couldn’t know how much Tokyo had damages. So I worried about my family.

Around 10PM, I confirmed my second sister was safe by getting an Email from her at last, that meant all family were safe. Phone lines were completely down since the quake, so the Internet and communication on it were almost only way to communicate with.

Need Your Support

Then I started thinking how I could contribute to help people in the north-eastern area, where some cities and towns were swept away by Tsunami. To support victims during such disaster, it would be the best to DONATE MONEY to reliable organization, not going there to help something nor sending something. Emotionally, most of you and I of course, want to help them in other way, but donating money would be the best way, I think.

What I can do is to ask you outside Japan to give the victims donations. I looked up on the Internet and found some trusty organizations. Please donate to Red Cross, Globalgiving, or whatever looks reliable. Here are the links:

There are even more options to help our country in the following article:

Proudly, Japanese people is the ethnic who is incredibly polite and value friendship. Should your country would be in a big trouble in future, we will help you without doubt. But at this moment, we definitely need your help as much as possible.

I, from the bottom of my heart, want lots of foreigners support this country by donating money and spreading this by word of mouth.


I donated $500.00, which is too small to support victims, to American Red Cross. It is small, but I hope this would encourage you to donate some money for helping us!! Please donate to Japan and spread this to your friends by word of mouth, tweeting, emailing, sharing on facebook, anyways. The amount does not matter at all. It is important to ask people as many as possible to help Japan.


There are a number of heartbreaking pictures in the article “Massive earthquake hits Japan” on You will see how awful this disaster is.


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