Two weeks after the earthquake

The earthquake shook North-Eastern part of Japan around 3pm just two weeks ago. The death toll passed 10,000 people and more than 17,000 people are still missing. You can imagine it is nearly impossible to survive in severely cold winter for two weeks. Our prime minister called it worst crisis since World War II.

We have been scared by tons of aftershocks even in Tokyo area which is more than 300 miles away from the epicenter of the biggest quake. According to JMA, there have been more than 300 times of aftershocks for two weeks. I actually feel them a couple of times everyday.

As most of media covers, series of nuclear power plants accidents are enormously serious issues for us. The plants are located about 150 miles away from my apartment in Tokyo. Some foreign government including the U.S. called their nationals to evacuate if they are within 50 miles from the plants. On the other hand, Japanese government warned people who is within only 30 km or 19 miles.

The government announced radiation was detected in tap water in Tokyo yesterday. They also said infant should not have it. So people especially mothers who have a baby/ies went crazy to look for bottled water. I went to some grocery stores and convenience stores to find bottled water, but couldn’t at all. Adding on batteries, bottled water is very rare to find in Tokyo for now. The following picture is a vending machine, in which water was sold out. Red lights mean sold out.

Other commodities, such as bread, milk, facial tissues, and preserved foods, such as cup noodles, are sold out quickly and thinly distributed.

This is the situation in a convenience store in my neighborhood tonight. Only Chinese mooncakes are available somehow.

So we cannot be reassured yet and do not know how long this situation lasts. I hope the nuclear danger would be under control and people get back to normal life soon.


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