Spring has come and…

It has been over 70 F degrees in Tokyo this week. I imagine most of people felt like Spring has come. They did not need to wear a winter coat any more and even worn T-shirt in the mid of the week. At the same time, the season of cherry blossoms is finishing. Pretty petals of cherry blossoms were blowing off and new leaves are coming instead. Cherry blossoms are really beautiful, especially Japanese people understand it because it does not last long. They often value something that has the short life. If cherry blossoms are in full bloom throughout a year, it might not be so popular as it is.

The following picture was what I took today in my neighborhood. It seems cherry blossoms, but probably different kind because they are in full bloom now and the shape of the flowers looks different ordinary ones. I have no idea about its name, but looks just beautiful.

If you have chance to visit here in Japan, I definitely recommend in the begging of April when you can enjoy seeing cherry blossoms. And if you are lucky, you can participate in hanami which is a traditional way of having fun with a party outside under cherry blossoms.

p.s. Please be noted the season could be different week every year mainly because the temperature of the previous winter.


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