Movie: Changeling and Public Enemies

In order to learn English language more with movies, I got a projector and installed it in my room. Now I can see movies with or without English subtitles whenever I want. I hope this would be helpful to improve my English skills.

I rented two DVDs, Changeling and Public Enemies last week by using delivery service, which is similar as Netflix. My plan costs 980 yen, or $11.95 a month with four DVDs at maximum. Netflix seems much less expensive, because it only costs $7.99 a month and you can watch streaming unlimitedly. Seeing movies is definitely cheaper in the U.S.

Changeling (2008)


The story is interesting and you cannot see how it goes on. Surprisingly, this is based on true story. I shouldn’t tell a lot about the story to avoid spoiling it for you. But let me say one thing. I was doubting if the mother was a paranoia and everything was her dream. You know there are such kind of plot in a plenty.

By the way, Jeffrey Donovan’s way of speaking often reminded me my company’s VP, Jay in San Francisco. 🙂

The picture is from IMDb.

Public Enemies (2009)


For the first one-third I watched this movie without subtitles, but could not catch what they were talking at all. They spoke very fast and skipped some pronunciations. Is this an accent in Chicago, or just personality of the characters? As for the story, I was impressed in the last scene. You will see.

Jonny Depp’s hair style reminded me my friend, Paco, in Spain. Don’t they look alike?

The picture is from IMDb.


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