Movies in “Golden Week”: Somersault and The Joneses

If you are familiar with Japanese calendar, you must know Golden Week, which is long holiday every Spring. They have four public holidays between April 29th and May 5th. When the holidays luckily do not overlap weekend, it could be long holiday. This year lots of people enjoy 10 consecutive holiday and today is right in the midst of it. I work on May 2nd, Monday and 6th, Friday. Also I have a couple of conference calls on 4th and 5th. However it is long enough to be relaxed and enjoy days off.

As I partly wrote in the previous post, I rented a number of DVDs before entering the holidays. Two movies were picked up and seen last few days at home.

Somersault (2004)


I think this is an educational movie for young women by showing the bad example of avoiding feeling loneliness. It reminded me another educational movie “An Education” which I saw in December 2009. If you have a teenage girl, this movie could be good. (but not for me) By the way, Australian movie is always hard to understand for me due to the English accent as well as British one.

The picture is from IMDb.

The Joneses (2009)


This was interesting because I learned some hints for being good sales person from them although it was not the theme of the movie. They do not sell products, but life style which ordinary people envy. The father had practice of speaking in front of a mirror to make sure how he looks like from others. There are tips for everything and you need to practice for doing good at it.

(Sorry for my useless review of this movie…)

The picture is from IMDb.


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