Great win, historic win

I am glad to tell you about our great, historic win, and my dream came true, which will be unforgettable memory.

As I mentioned in the previous post, our baseball team was going to have the first game of the tournament on May 7. However, the game was cancelled due to rain.

We had another game on May 15, Sunday, which became the first game and the first win for our team. This is historic win because we formed the team for the first time in the high school baseball team’s alumni history, which is nearly 60 years.

We had a landslide victory on the day although it was our very first game. Everybody had great time and shared happiness with team mates.

When I entered the high school and its baseball team about 20 years ago, there were a lot of good pitcher and I am ashamed I was not a player who trains hard, so I did not have an opportunity to pitch in the official game. However, I keep playing baseball in university and ever after graduating it. Eventually, I got a starter of the game on Sunday and it is a big achievement in my life, which I can be proud of.

The following pictures are shoot by Tetsu and Eri.

Beautiful stadium.

It was great honor to be a starter.

Since I had injured in my hamstrings, I could not make a wide step forward for pitching.

The team captain is Satoshi, who is the same age as me.

Takeshi hit a deep home run to left field.

Another home run came from Shiobara-san.

Tetsu had good pitch following myself.

Akiyama-san closed the game.

We are very organized, enthusiastic, and have strong motivation for the win. I bet we are the best team in this tournament. I cannot wait for next game.


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