Movies after the Golden Week in May – Kick Ass and 4 others

Following two movies blogged the other day, I saw five movies at home with big 150″ wall screen which I installed about a month ago. Most of all were good movies and especially I liked Kick Ass. That has tastes of Quentin Tarantino‘s works, it is speedy, exciting, and lots of people killed. If you tell me its his work, I would not doubt it.

When I decide which movies I am going to see recently, I often refer to IMDb score. There are many movie review websites including Japanese one, but IMDb looks like close to my impression and evaluation. When I thought great movie, the score in IMDb is usually good like 7.5+.  So, I was able to enjoy five movies thanks to IMDb.

I stopped giving score for movies I saw, because it is just difficult. A movie is great, affecting, might make you cry, but seeing once is enough. Another one is not so great as other one, but makes you want to see it again. How can you tell which one is better than another? And my scores flock around 8.0 and there are not much difference among them. They are not useful any more.

Among the above five, I would recommend Kick-Ass and Gran Trino, maybe The Bucket List. When you want to laugh, Due Date is for you. The Last Station isn’t that bad. If you have enough time like me, see all of them. 😛

Kick-Ass. The pic is from IMDb.


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