Weather matters

A rainy season has started a few days ago, which is twelve days earlier than the average date. It has continued raining all through this weekend and my baseball games were cancelled. Instead, I had workouts on both days, but it could not be alternative to the games.

A rainy season usually lasts about one and a half months. So I have to worry about the rain every weekend until the middle of July. I wish I could move in California and stay there during the rainy season at least. Rain makes me sad and I miss blue sky.

One of the reasons that I chose San Diego as a place I was going to study in 2008, was weather.  According to Wikipedia, the average of precipitation days in San Diego is 43, while it is 100 in Tokyo. And it does not rain a lot in San Francisco, either. The average of rainy days a year is 70 and most of them are between November and March. They have beautiful weather in a period of April to October.

I miss California… but I am going to have a business trip to SF next week. It is June, which is beautiful and comfortable season. I cannot wait for it! If I have time, I want to have a jog along Embarcadero seeing the Bay Bridge as I often used to do.


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