Tour de Sean – Bike trip in Okutama

Last weekend, I had a bike trip with my friends and it was incredibly fun. The air temperature was so high in mid summer and the route was tough for beginners like us, however we really enjoyed the entire trip.

I called it “Tour de Sean”. I know Sean isn’t a name of place. šŸ™‚ We started planning this trip about a month ago. The destination was Okutama, which was located in the west of Tokyo.

The total distance for a roundtrip was about 190km and the elevation between the lowest and highest was about 1,100m.

Departed at my apartment in the morning.

I stopped by my friend’s house and continued biking together to the west. We arrived at Musashi Itsukaichi terminal station around noon, which was a stop for lunch as we planned.

After passing the station, the route became uphill gradually.

There are not many pics between the station and the destination of the first day because the hill was so steep and we struggled climbing it very hard. Especially, my friend sometimes had to stop riding because of the steep hills and said as follows:

ē™»ć‚ŒćŖć„å‚ćÆćŖ恄ćØę€ć£ć¦ćŸ (I had thought there was no hill that I could not climb by bike.)

We took a rest at the creek that cooled our bodies.

The place we stayed was Japanese inn featuring mountain vegetables dinner. We had not only these vegetables on the pic, but also meat, grilled fish and so on.

More friends joined on the second day. They came there by car with loading a bicycle.

Climbing uphill.

He drove with our backpacks, water, and some foods to support our trip. We appreciated him very much.

Eventually, we reached the highest point in this route. The sign post says “This road locates at the highest in Tokyo”.

The downhill is nothing but feeling great. We went downhill with speed faster than 50km/h. I wished the downhill continued forever. It was like a moment to finish the hill, but it was worth getting there with much effort on the uphill.

At this view point, you can see Lake Okutama below your eyes.

The thermometer above the road showed 37 Celsius degrees.

We couldn’t help without soaking ourselves in Tama River.

Then we biked for a couple of hours along Tama River toward East and got back my friend’s house in the evening.

Everyone enjoyed the trip, so I am sure we would have another bike trip soon.


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