Tour de Matsu – Bike trip to Shonan Enoshima

It was a fine day again. We headed to Enoshima, which is an iconic island in Shonan, Kanagawa. I rode 153km as total on the day.

Departed with my baseball team mate Matsu in Koenji.

My new rode bike looks sexy, doesn’t she?

We biked south on Kan-nana and then west on the route 246. After two hours, we reached the start of Sakaigawa river cycling road.

On the way to Enoshima, we suddenly had a shower and had to stop for a while, but arrived at the destination safely.

The summer ended on the calendar, but we felt like mid summer. We walked around on the bank and then had coke!

Look at this beautiful blue sky.

We left Enoshima and had curry rice for lunch at popular restaurant Sangosho [jp] near there.

Our little journey was going on. We arrived at Cannondale store in Yokohama and met our friend there to bike together.

The goal of this tour was Ramen noodle restaurant again. Ramen was awesome, beer as well!


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