Monthly Target Review in Feb 2012

I decided a couple of things to achieve every month and declared in this blog a month ago. This is the first review for the monthly target. Drum roll please…

  1. Go to gym 10 times a month – Achieved
    • Went to just 10 times. I was behind the pace, but rushed to go four days in a row last week!
  2. Read 1 book a month – Could not achieve…
    • Red by 64% of “Steve Jobs”, but couldn’t finish it… The book is sold as two books in Japan since it’s very long. Can’t you count 50% as 1 book? 😛
  3. Watch 4 movies a month – Achieved

3 thoughts on “Monthly Target Review in Feb 2012

  1. Hi Sean,
    i found your post interesting because of your willingness to set target and review it once a month. Many people won’t do it. That’s why they accomplish less. However, I didn’t find your goals very challenging. You must think what is really important to you, reading or watching movies?

    1. Hi Ramam, thanks for leaving a comment. My monthly targets are not important directly, but indirectly. I want to get more advanced skills of English language. As means of doing it, reading and watching English stuffs are important. Does this make sense from your perspective?
      When I achieve the targets like a couple of months in a row, I may raise the bar to make it more challenging!

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