Need continuous support – Japan Tsunami and Earthquake

Last Sunday, March 11, was one year anniversary of the great Tsunami and Earthquake in Japan. As lots of media covered, people are still suffering from the damage of the disaster including nuclear power plant accident caused by the natural disaster.

1 year later, Japan pauses to remember earthquake, tsunami” by CNN, March 11, 2012

Although quite few people became volunteer to help them, I have never visited the devastated area since it happened. I have to confess the reason why.

I wanted to go there to help people actually, but couldn’t say it was not from my curiosity. I felt that I should not go with such emotion. Adding on that, I didn’t want to approach the area Fukushima nuclear power plants, to be honest. I know I am a coward.

I am really sorry for people who passed away, still missing, and evacuating. I don’t think money solves problems they are facing, but it’s my way of support as I did one year ago. Maybe, better than doing nothing.

I couldn’t find any fund which is dedicated to this disaster in American Red Cross, so donated $500 to Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund on GlobalGiving instead.


They need your continuous support. I know it becomes harder as time passes because we are creature who easily forget pain.

You can donate from this page on GlobalGiving, $25 at minimum.


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