Monthly Target Review in April 2012

Oh, time passes really fast. I haven’t posted April review yet. It’s already May 10, but let me review the last month. Better late than never.


  1. Go to gym 10 times a month – Did not achieve
    • 0 times due to the knee injury
    • Went to rehab 10 times instead 
  2. Read 1 book a month – Achieved
  3. Watch 4 movies a month – Achieved

Knee surgery

My knee is recovering gradually. I don’t feel difficulty with everyday’s life if I wear a brace. However, I have to undergo ACL reconstruction surgery as planned originally. It is going to happen in the middle of June. I will be hospitalized for a week and a bit more. It will be the first surgery for me ever. I get often injured, but never broke a bone or underwent a surgery. I am a bit scary of being anesthetized for the surgery…

Hulu offers reasonable price

Hulu, which is on demand streaming service of movies, TV shows, etc, has already been available here in Japan and has reduced price to 980 yen/mo in April. I signed it up and watched a lot of TV dramas with English subtitles. I’ll write about it next review.

The pic is from IMDb.


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