My friend’s food truck – JapaCurry

JapaCurry is one of the popular food truck in San Francisco recently.

The owner Jay used to work in tech industry. He actually worked for my ex-company’s branch office in Santa Clara and helped me a lot when I went there. He also supported me mentally when I left the company to go to college in San Diego back in 2008.

He started this truck in November 2010 and I haven’t had opportunity to visit that. I was excited to do it during my business trip this time finally.

JapaCurry usually appears around SF downtown. On this day, June 2nd, they parked in Japan Town for serving to visitors of Soy and Tofu festival.

When I arrived there almost at the end of the event, there was still queue for getting it.

I could get inside the kitchen with privilege of being a friend. Jay made a nice posture for me although he was busy for cooking.

It is really awesome. While the deep-fried pork cutlet is very authentic, curry is seasoned to Americans’ taste I think.

If you find the truck, you should try one!


3 thoughts on “My friend’s food truck – JapaCurry

  1. There are a bunch of food trucks across the street from me in Austin, Texas. It is cool to see that you can get so many things at food trucks now, from Mediterranean cuisine to Thai food and apparently curry! What a cool world 🙂

    1. Jennifer, thanks for dropping a comment. I have been to Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, but not to Austin. It is one of the cities I should go before die! 😉

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