ACL reconstruction surgery 3

Things aren’t all bad in the hospital. My friends visited me with get-well foods in turn.

They brought my favorite “Mister Donut.” By the way, I thought Mister Donut was founded in Japan for long time… (It was originally founded in the U.S.)

This is another friend who knows I like Mister Donut.

He brought more than twenty pieces of Haagen-dasz ice cream.

Burgers are definitely not what hospital serves.

As a consequence of eating a lot between meals, I gained six or seven pounds for two weeks.

Because I took my laptop and gadgets in the room, I was never bored. Wireless device was not allowed technically, but I could use it.

I didn’t have to prepare and clean off meals by myself, and pretty nurses took care of me. The life in the hospital was quite comfortable if it did not hurt that much…




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