Computer glasses quick review – JINS PC

I purchased computer glasses at common eyewear shop JINS yesterday since I work in front of computer whole day.

JINS is growing brand in Japan because of its reasonable price and variety kinds of glasses.

JINS PC is one of their popular products. They started selling JINS PC with prescription glasses recently, so I ordered the one. I paid for it about JPY10,000 or $125 and waited for a few weeks.

The bottom one is JINS PC and the top is my regular one. PC’s glasses tint a bit.

The weight is slightly lighter. I wore them all day today, but did not feel difference yet. Maybe, I need a couple of days or so to see if these ease my eyes strain.

Technically, they do so no matter how I feel. They cut some blue light emitted from computer screen by 50% at maximum. I hope this helps reducing eye strain, but also improving focus on computer work.


6 thoughts on “Computer glasses quick review – JINS PC

  1. I purchased Jins PC glasses in my recent trip to Japan. I am amazed by the comfort of these glasses while working on my PC. I recommend all PC user to buy these glasses. Can any body tell its manufacturer name and adress. I want marketing agency of this product for Sri Lanka and India.
    Ind Sri Industrial corp.(Pvt.) Ltd.
    220, Dr.N.M.Perera Mawatha,
    Colombo 8
    Sri Lanka
    cell +94 772210002

  2. Hello, Google brought me here today, i recently come to know of this interesting and potentially useful glasses. Seeing that you posted this preview on July, 2012, may i ask how effective you find the glasses was in reducing eye stress ?

    Online shops mostly put regular ones at ~4000 JPY, is 10000 price tag include shipping fee or prescription lenses just cost that much ?
    Thank you for reading and good health to you.

    1. Hello Yasu,
      Thanks for leaving your comment and sorry for my late reply. I still wear the glasses when work with computers. But I am not sure if they reduce my eye stress because I didn’t feel stress so much from the beginning.
      My regular glasses were broken a month ago, so I wear this PC glasses all day recently. I see a little darker, but no problem with it.
      Hope my answer helps you.

  3. I wanted to ask are the pc glasses that are prescribed expensive? If so is it less than a hundred to actually buy from Japan directly? (Not by ordering through another website but the actual store by going there).

    1. Prescribed PC glasses are more expensive. Just PC glasses cost 3,990 yen and prescribed ones are frame price plus 3,990 yen.

      I don’t remember their pricing was same a year ago, but their recent website tells so.

      It looks like some online shops sell them at the same price as JINS’ actual shops.

      1. could you please, if you can,give me some websites? I have two of the JINS PC glasses one 50% and 35% but without prescription glasses it’s driving me nuts >.<

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