Awesome Japanese foods and toilet in San Francisco

Hey San Franciscan,

Have you ever experienced Japanese Washlet – toilet seat with washing feature? Why not going to my friend Jay Hamada’s restaurant Izakaya Roku in Mission, which is the only one place you can try it in San Francisco. It’s just amazing.

And of course, foods are awesome, I believe. 🙂 He opened it recently, so I haven’t tried yet. FYI, Jay is an owner of JapaCurry.

Washlet is only available for women at this restaurant. Bring your girlfriend!


2 thoughts on “Awesome Japanese foods and toilet in San Francisco

  1. Isnt that just a bidet? I actually got a “convert any toilet into a toilet/bidet kit” for a white elephant gift exchange. It looked very similar to that one. I never used it and gave it to a friend instead. Hey! I wonder if they installed it here? Just kidding. But that would have been hilarious if it was!!

    1. As far as I know, Washlet has a bidet, but it is just one of functionalities. There are variety of Washlet models. For example, the Washlet in my apartment here in Tokyo has a washer for anus, bidet, and dryer for them. You can control the power of washing water, and move back and forth. Seats could be warmed up, so it is very comfortable to sit on it especially in winter.

      You can go to the restaurant and claim that the toilet was originally yours. Take it back! hahaha 🙂

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