Thailand Day 5 – “Thailand – Burma” Railway

This is a diary of December 31, 2012.

Departed at 8:00 from Bangkok and arrived at Kanchanaburi at 11:10.



Kept riding the train,then arrived at Nam Tok at 2:05.
The returning train departed there very soon at 2:15pm.


Came back to River Kwai at 4:45.




Took a local bus at 6:00 which arrived at 8:15 at north terminal in Bangkok city.


The first scam attempt rejected. On the way back to the hotel by taxi in the night, I noticed the driver took different route and I pointed it out. He said something in Thai, which I did not understand at all.

He asked 130 bahts, but I paid only 100 and explained the reason why I paid so in Japanese because he didn’t understand English. He said “I dont know” in English. So, I am sure he did it in purpose. I knew the map around the area since I took the similar route yesterday. But if this was the first day in Bangkok, I would have not noticed it.


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