Winter Trip Day 2 – Hanoi

Woke up early in the morning as usual when I travel.

Went downstairs to get breakfast around 7:30. Chatted with a couple of Norweigean students who live in Singapore for a year and now traveling for five weeks.

After breakfast, I consulted the hotel guy on today’s sight seeing plan because I didn’t have specific plan other than taking a day tour in Ha Long bay tomorrow.

They are very helpful as I read in some reviews by other travelers. They arranged the Ha Long bay tour, my train ticket this weekend, and taxi to Ho Chi Minh complex where they recommend me to go first thing in the morning since it will be closed at 11.

Taxi took me to the Ho Chi Minh place. It took some time to find the entrance, but it wasn’t too hard.


After Ho Chi Minh place, I walked to the temple of literature which is located about 10 minutes walk away.


Looks like he is feeding Puma.

The old lady has great sense of balance.


I think they are selling motorbike saddle.

Then, went to the War Museum. Unforunately, they were close between 11:30 to 1PM. I needed to walk away once.

Walked toward Hoan Kiem lake and decided to have lunch on the way.

Chatted with two Ameican girls from Michigan during the lunch. I met them again at the War museum later accidentally.

After lunch, visited the cathedral and took a walk along the lake, then headed to Don Xuan market. It was not so attractive to me. I am not a shopping person.

Came back to the hotel to make sure my reservation for the Ha Long bay is okay.

I wondered if take a taxi to the War Museum back, but decided to walk again. I walked 5 or 6 miles as total today.

Beer at the cafe in the museum.



Second lunch
After the museum, the Opera House, cafe on the roof of the building faced to the lake. The view was amazing.

Walked back to the hotel, stopping by bakery shop to get some sweets. Good night. I am really looking forward to participating in the Ha Long bay tour tomorrow.


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