The first day of my MLB tour #MLB

It was raining in Tokyo, but my flight left on the schedule. It departed an afternoon of Monday and flew over the Pacific Ocean and North America for about 12 hours then finally arrived at New York on the afternoon of Monday. This is the first time for me in 15 years to come to New York. I often travel to the West Coast but didn’t have a lot of chances to visit the East Coast probably because I work in the technology sector.

There was some cloud in the sky, but I also see blue sky when I got off the flight. It took some time to figure out how to get off from the airport and take the AirTrain and subway to go to my hotel, which is located outside of Manhattan. I saw the hotels very expensive in Manhattan, so I decided to stay hotel in Woodside. This is not a fancy hotel but good enough to stay a couple of days for sightseeing in New York and my primary purpose, New York Mets ballgame.
Good night.



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