Silly, but awesome games in Dolores park

It was a sweet day yesterday with my colleagues. Thanks to our great HR (Ernie and Rochell), we went to Dolores park for “Spring Fling” in the afternoon. We had good food and drink with plenty of sunshine. We also had incredibly funny games there. The followings are some of pictures then.

What a great day in Mission!

Four square is a game which is not only for kids, but also for adults in San Francisco. (I tweeted with this picture at that time. Someone in the park wrote about this picture in his/her blog, Actual Four Square in Dolores Park.)

Jay is ready to go!

Mike is ready, too.

Swinging their banana to hit the oranges and getting them roll into the ring.

Who is going to win?? Jay or Mike?

Eric is now suddenly charging behind Mike!!!

After all, who won this game? I do not remember… Probably Jay won. What an exciting and embarrassing game this is!

(And believe it or not, the big guy Mike is one of founders of the company which has more than 17,000 customers in 8 years without any venture fund. And Jay, who is seriously swinging his hip with his hands at waist, is our fearless leader of San Fransisco office. 🙂 )

How about myself? I surely hit the orange like Ichiro hit a baseball.

(Shot by Taras)

I got rolled two oranges faster than other competitors by far and won the game!

(Shot by Taras)

Dolores park is located on a small hill and slope toward downtown. So you have nice view of the city from there.

We were all together on the wooden boat to take a picture. A man and two women, who wear interesting costume, are not our employees but practicing a play or something there.

(Above two pics were shot with Taras’ camera by someone in the park.)

Muni runs by the park. Be careful not to be hit by the car because there is no wall or guard at all. I really enjoyed this day. Love this company and nice colleagues.


What a colorful life today

Coincident or intentional??

When I was taking off the office, I surprisingly saw a colorful arrangement of cars in front of the building. My car is red, of course. And you see a yellow, a green and a blue car side-by-side. I believe this was just a coincident happened. I felt a little bit happy and took this picture for sharing the happiness with you.


Rest in piece, our president

A great president, musician, and a person who has passion

I joined in a celebration of the life of our company president, Jeffrey Walker, today. Over 200 people came to celebrate him. Because I have just joined this company a couple of months ago, I didn’t see him so much. However, I remember he helped me making our business plan and supporting me hired by this company. Actually, he is my employer.

Full of music

“Amazing Grace” sung for him.

The bands played such many nice music today.


His son made a great speech. It was pretty impressive and caused much audience to cry.



He continued writing his blogs, radiowalker, while he fought against his cancer. The last post was written by his family. Good bye and thank you Jeffrey.


A dog in the office

Is this usual?

One of the things surprised me was that I saw a lot of dogs in the office, when I started working in SF. I am not familiar with kinds of dogs, so I cannot tell the kinds. But I saw various kinds of dogs in the office such as Chiwawa, big strng dog, and so on. One day, I asked my colleague if this is usual office in the U.S. The answer was that we were unusual. And we are not American company, but Australian company. That’s probably answer for my questions.

He is Cooper

4 years old, good boy! He is very big, but so cute like a stuffed animal. BTW, what kind of dog he is?