After two weeks trip to San Francisco, I started watching American famous TV drama “Lost” in Hulu.jp in my spare time. Then I finished watching all 118 episodes in a couple of weeks!

I really enjoyed the drama and it definitely contributed to have me listen much English language.

Watching TV is much more fun for learning language than listening boring news or something. You cannot find any other way to listen about 90 hours English so intensely.

If you want to improve your foreign language skill, make a girl/boyfriend or watch drama! 🙂

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Monthly Targets in 2012

One month already passed in 2012. But, better late than never. Here are my monthly targets and its objectives:

  1. Go to gym 10 times a month
    • To show higher performance in baseball games. Often jog to gym. 5 miles back and forth.
  2. Read 1 book a month
    •  To increase speed of understanding English. I got a Kindle recently.
  3. Watch 4 movies a month
    • To improve listening ability of English. With no subtitle or English subtitle.

#2 seems the hardest. I will check my achievement every month here on my blog.


A way of learning English

When I started working in San Francisco last year, one of my colleagues suggested me to join toastmasters. I actually attended one or two of toastmasters in San Francisco a couple of times as a guest. One of them has their meeting in the building of Charles Schwab near financial district. The club looked very professional, business atmosphere and advanced level. I liked the club, but the capacity of people was already full. I put my name on the waiting list. However, I could not join the club.

Today, I participated in one of toastmasters in Tokyo for the first time. It was almost same how the meeting goes on. A toastmaster of this evening control the meeting, someone announce today’s word, some prepared session were presented, there are evaluators and uh/ah counter, and everyone vote for best speaker and best evaluator. Guests have an opportunity to introduce themselves at the beginning of the meeting, and make a comment at the end.

The language in this meeting (is there any better word for this?) is English. About twenty or twenty five people there and five or six of them were non Japanese. I heard the ratio was high comparing to other toastmasters in Tokyo.

I haven’t decided yet to attend next meeting in two weeks. But I am sure this is one of ways to learn and improve my English communication skill even in Tokyo.