Amusement park is not the place you enjoy only roller coaster, but illumination

I’m not so crazy about romantic things such as beautiful illumination, but this was pretty good even to me. There were many illumination area which are designed by a famous light designer and this is one of them. French flag themed design by blue, white and red lights. There was even the Arc de Triomphe over there. I just traveled in France last August, so remembered the beautiful scenery of Paris. You can see this at Yomiuri Land. It is not convenient access if you stay in the center of Tokyo, but might be worth visiting. I visited in December, but this will continue by February if I remember correctly.



Amazing outlook in Izu – Didn’t look like in Japan

During the new year’s break, I had a short trip in Izu peninsula, specifically Osezaki in Numazu. I stumbled upon this cute bay when I drive along the coast.

This is exaggerated, but I thought it looked like a beach which I saw in the movie The Beach. Hopefully, I can come back here in summer.


Traditional shrine visit in new year

Japanese people visit to a shrine on new year’s day or within a couple of the following days. This is called “Hatsumoude 初詣”, which means to visit a shrine for the first time in new year.

I went to Meiji Jingu Shrine which is one of the most popular ones in Tokyo. It was on January 3rd today and supposed to be less busy than a new year’s day, but still quite busy there. I was in a queue for one and a half hour from the entrance gate to the main building.

It was worth waiting for such long time. At the main building, we through some coins and can pray something. Very traditional and interesting activity.


Carrier war for iPhone 5 in Japan just has begun

In the previous post, I was wondering if I choose Softbank or au (KDDI) for my iPhone 5 carrier. After hearing reputation of both users and consideration for a week, I decided au because of better LTE coverage and ordered it the day before yesterday.

However, Softbank suddenly announced they acquired another telecommunication carrier to strengthen their coverage today.

Japan’s Softbank to Acquire Rival eAccess –

Softbank to buy rival eAccess for more than $1.8 billion – Reuters

What the f…!

I can cancel my order for au since they are out of stocks now and it takes a couple of weeks for me to get it actually. I am tired of comparing and thinking…

Texan restaurant in Azabu

White Smoke was the restaurant where I had dinner tonight. The food was great and I was totally stuffed by their all-you-can-eat. I should not forget to mention their pecan pies were awesome.

The charge was a bit pricy (JPY9,000 including all-you-can-drink), but I am sure it is worth going once at least. I heard they do all-you-can-eat once a month. Check it out!

Softbank or au for iPhone 5 carrier

Have you already got new iPhone – iPhone 5? I am definitely going to get the one, but not yet. The primary reason I haven’t done so yet is I am still comparing two carriers. One is Softbank, another is au. Yes, there are multiple carriers in Japan just like AT&T, Sprint and Verizon in the U.S.

There are a few of points for comparison between the two:

  • 4G LTE coverage
  • Tethering

As you know, iPhone 5 can connect to LTE network, and Softbank and au have started providing the LTE service with iPhone 5 release on September 21st. This faster telecommunication network will bring us to the next generation literally. The coverage of LTE and actual connectivity matters a lot. According to this field test report, au showed better results in terms of both speed and connectivity at several major cities in Tokyo. However, this report says the opposite, Softbank is better. (Those tests were done on the first day of the service, when not a lot of people use them, so I don’t know how much they are trustworthy, though.)

Tethering is the option for people who often use their laptop out of office or home. I usually work at same place, so do not feel so often that I want the option. However, I have a mobile wifi router in case of working outside and it would be great if I do not have to take it every time I go out. au already have this option and Softbank will start in January.

Monthly rate is also one of the factors, but it does not matter so much as the above two.

I will probably decide in a couple of weeks after checking a bit more test reports. Until then, I enjoy being excited and dreaming to have the beautiful, new iPhone in my head.