How do I use multiple social media?

About a month ago, Google launched a new project called Google+. There are already plenty of social media out there such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Mixi in Japan, but I couldn’t help participating in Google+ because I felt it would probably become popular service.

I use those social media for different purposes with different languages. Mixi is just for personal things with close friends and only in Japanese language. I started Mixi back in 2005, which was next year of Facebook founded, and almost no one knew about Facebook in Japan at that time. I only have several dozen friends in there and it is very closed network.

Facebook is mixed media for me. I use it 50% for private and 50% for business. Originally, Facebook was the media I connect to my classmates and friends when I lived in the U.S. and often uploaded pictures. So, primary language on my Facebook is English. However, my business targets tech people and they usually have Facebook account, so I gradually shifted its usage to business with using “List” functionality. It allows me to post something stupid with “list” so that business friends cannot see it.


I have a couple of Twitter accounts and primary one is for business in Japanese. Secondary one is mainly for personal and in English. But you cannot separate things so easily. It is sometimes mixed between business and private.

Google+ is 90% for business. I usually post publicly and synchronize it with Twitter. People think Google+ is a competitive service with Facebook, but I think it can replace Twitter. For me, Google+ is alternative service of Twitter, which can be written with unlimited number of characters. I post on Google+ 50% in English and 50% in Japanese.

I do not know if I continue using these multiple services and different way of using them. Those kind of services could change gradually or suddenly along with users’ demand.



Interesting example of social media

This website is nice idea. It was started last week and at last it’s on WSJ today. Now it’s really famous on the Internet. It’s first challenger’s privilege.

This website has only summary of product information and rest of it is refer to social media such as twitter, facebook, and youtube.

However, I am doubtful whether same method would be applicable to other brand or company.


Interesting article about iPhone in Japan.

I introduced the campaign sale of iPhone in Japan in the following article the other day.


– iPhone for Free: A Cheap Product in Japan

I said nothing whether their iPhone business had been successful so far.


Today, I read the follosing article and felt interesting. 

– Japanese “hate” for iPhone all a big mistake 


It is difficult to judge it is successful or not and it takes another year.  For sure, Japanese cellular phone market is very unique and have original specification and standard in technology.


We sometimes say “Galapagos Phenomenon” which means that it have been developed in Japanese island completely separate from other countries. We know it is not best, but also it is not so easy to change specification and modify to open standard… Anyway, it is one of issues in tech industry in Japan.

So creative, but free and easy to use

Do you know the website “Wordle”? You can make creative design with many words that you put them into. You see sometimes this kind of design on T-shirt or coffee cup, etc. I made two designs that I used my websites.

1. Material is the record of road trip in my blog .


2. Material is my profile in LinkedIn.


It is really easy to make and looks so cool. I also know what words are used much in my writing.

Anyway, try it! You can make it within just a few minutes!

(I am afraid that Japanese is not available…)

– Wordle
They don’t use difficult technology, but the idea is great

Suggestions for YOSHINOYA USA

Today’s practical marketing class myself was Japanese fast food restaurant Yoshinoya. This was only second time to come here as I didn’t want to somehow.


Do you know how many Yoshinoya in the U.S.? 89 Yoshinoya restaurants in the U.S. It is not so bad, however it is not enough because they have 1,098 in Japan and Chinese fast food restaurant Panda Express has 1,054 restaurants in the U.S.


I think Yoshinoya could expand their business more rapidly. I thought some reasons why they were behind Panda Express.


1) Too ethnic to be popular among American people.


Their name “Yoshinoya” is hard to remember for American people and impress them ethnic. As for me, I don’t try such ethnic restaurant for the first time for lunch. How about “Teriyaki Express” or “Yoshino’s”?The word “Teriyaki” is enough popular here. (Though Teriyaki Express already exists in San Francisco.) “Teriyaki Express” copied “Panda Express” and “Yoshino’s” copied “Rubio’s”.


2) The store may not look “fast food”.


I have only been to Yoshinoya in San Diego and in NY. So I am not sure… But San Diego’s store is not good looking. They should be renewed to be bright atmosphere and outstanding.