My 50 favorite songs

Today I picked up 50 songs from my list on youtube. It lasts about three and a half hours. Most of them are English songs, but mixed some Japanese songs.

How many songs do you like? I hope you would enjoy the playlist! Cheers!

If the following embedded youtube doesn’t work, please click here to see the list.


Let Me Suggest a Japanese Music Today

I usually listen to music which is popular in the U.S or Europe such as BEP, Pitbull, Eminem, Lady gaga, U2, RHCP, et cetera, et cetera. However, a Japanese song is repeating in my head this week. This song is sung by two women and one who sings first in the video is Miho Fukuhara. She is not so famous even in Japan at this moment, but I think her voice is awesome (and she looks pretty). And the melody of this song is also great. It makes me feel nostalgic somehow. Why not taking about four minutes to listen to Japanese song today?