Hamburger as if floating in the sea

My friend visited me this evening. We went to a hamburger restaurant and had this big – 400 grams meat and cheese much enough to make it dip in. Look at and compare the size of egg with the hamburger.
We became happy to have such huge hamburger!


Awesome Japanese foods and toilet in San Francisco

Hey San Franciscan,

Have you ever experienced Japanese Washlet – toilet seat with washing feature? Why not going to my friend Jay Hamada’s restaurant Izakaya Roku in Mission, which is the only one place you can try it in San Francisco. It’s just amazing.

And of course, foods are awesome, I believe. 🙂 He opened it recently, so I haven’t tried yet. FYI, Jay is an owner of JapaCurry.

Washlet is only available for women at this restaurant. Bring your girlfriend!

Texan restaurant in Azabu

White Smoke was the restaurant where I had dinner tonight. The food was great and I was totally stuffed by their all-you-can-eat. I should not forget to mention their pecan pies were awesome.

The charge was a bit pricy (JPY9,000 including all-you-can-drink), but I am sure it is worth going once at least. I heard they do all-you-can-eat once a month. Check it out!

My friend’s food truck – JapaCurry

JapaCurry is one of the popular food truck in San Francisco recently.

The owner Jay used to work in tech industry. He actually worked for my ex-company’s branch office in Santa Clara and helped me a lot when I went there. He also supported me mentally when I left the company to go to college in San Diego back in 2008.

He started this truck in November 2010 and I haven’t had opportunity to visit that. I was excited to do it during my business trip this time finally.

JapaCurry usually appears around SF downtown. On this day, June 2nd, they parked in Japan Town for serving to visitors of Soy and Tofu festival.

When I arrived there almost at the end of the event, there was still queue for getting it.

I could get inside the kitchen with privilege of being a friend. Jay made a nice posture for me although he was busy for cooking.

It is really awesome. While the deep-fried pork cutlet is very authentic, curry is seasoned to Americans’ taste I think.

If you find the truck, you should try one!

Great Japanese cuisine cooked by my friend

My friend from baseball team back in California, Takashi, is a great Japanese cook. He had worked for Japanese restaurants in Bay Area for several years and  temporarily lives in Japan right now.

A baseball team, X-size Japan, had a game last Sunday. He came to Tokyo from his home in western part of Japan to play for the team. It had been a while since I met him last time in Bay Area. I pitched and he was a catcher same as we played before.

Next day of the game, I went to the Tomo and Rena’s house, where Takashi stays, because he was going to cook a dinner. I have been to the restaurant he worked for in San Mateo a couple of times and knew he was a good chef not only for Japanese but also other Westerns. As I expected, he made great Japanese cuisines with fresh fish and vegetables. We talked a lot with perfect foods and drinks in the evening. I really like to have cook friends as well as baseball friends. 😉

Ramen after drinking

Most of Japanese people would agree this idea: Having Ramen after drinking is awesome!

I am lucky to have had such awesome experience twice this week. Here are the pictures. I don’t know why we want to have Ramen after drinking beer or sake or whatever, but it’s real.

Both there Ramen use fish broth soup with soy source taste. I basically like meats, but prefer fish based soup with simple taste as for Ramen somehow. Especially, when I have it late in the night, plain one is better. As you guess, it would lie heavy on the stomach next morning if I have heavy taste soup including pork fat much.

Tonchin in Shinjuku

I have never been here before and casually stopped by this restaurant. The Ramen tasted so good. I want to come back here again when I am not drunk next time.

Taishoken in Yotsuya Sanchome

This Ramen isn’t special, but the restaurant opens late. That’s why I went there. Simple taste, but perhaps it’s too simple.

My Favorite Chinese Restaurant

Recently I go to a certain nearby Chinese restaurant five or six times a week. The restaurant is called Fukushin, which has over 40 franchise stores around Tokyo. One of them locates just 500 feet away from my apartment. They have several kinds of Ramen noodles, which are very cheap, but decent. Fried rice is also good. Everything is good in this restaurant as far as I tried ever.

I believe I had their signature set meal called “A set” most. “A set” is stir-fried liver and Chinese chive with a cup of rice, pickles and soup. I like ginger pork set meal as well. The following pic is “B set” which is served Ramen noodle with a half cup of fried rice.

I noticed an interesting fact when I looked at their website yesterday. I sometimes order extra large dish, which has doubled quantity of main dish, at the Fukushin. Surprisingly, the extra large menu is only available the Fukushin where I go to almost everyday, although they have more than 40 chains according to the website. I am so lucky and my decision to move here in Akebono-bashi was totally the best one. hahaha. 🙂

The taste is not so unique, but addicted and cannot be bored even you have it everyday. They are really affordable price and served very fast. I should appreciate this Chinese restaurant and recommend to all of you.