Awesome Japanese foods and toilet in San Francisco

Hey San Franciscan,

Have you ever experienced Japanese Washlet – toilet seat with washing feature? Why not going to my friend Jay Hamada’s restaurant Izakaya Roku in Mission, which is the only one place you can try it in San Francisco. It’s just amazing.

And of course, foods are awesome, I believe. 🙂 He opened it recently, so I haven’t tried yet. FYI, Jay is an owner of JapaCurry.

Washlet is only available for women at this restaurant. Bring your girlfriend!


My friend’s food truck – JapaCurry

JapaCurry is one of the popular food truck in San Francisco recently.

The owner Jay used to work in tech industry. He actually worked for my ex-company’s branch office in Santa Clara and helped me a lot when I went there. He also supported me mentally when I left the company to go to college in San Diego back in 2008.

He started this truck in November 2010 and I haven’t had opportunity to visit that. I was excited to do it during my business trip this time finally.

JapaCurry usually appears around SF downtown. On this day, June 2nd, they parked in Japan Town for serving to visitors of Soy and Tofu festival.

When I arrived there almost at the end of the event, there was still queue for getting it.

I could get inside the kitchen with privilege of being a friend. Jay made a nice posture for me although he was busy for cooking.

It is really awesome. While the deep-fried pork cutlet is very authentic, curry is seasoned to Americans’ taste I think.

If you find the truck, you should try one!

San Francisco biz trip

This is my quick update. I have been here in San Francisco since last Saturday for business trip. The weather this week is not good so far, but expect it to get better tomorrow or after.

I have stayed same hotel as last time only a half block away from the Union Square.

Colgate is a must buy when I come to the U.S.

We have a developer, user and partner conference at the hotel.

Weather matters

A rainy season has started a few days ago, which is twelve days earlier than the average date. It has continued raining all through this weekend and my baseball games were cancelled. Instead, I had workouts on both days, but it could not be alternative to the games.

A rainy season usually lasts about one and a half months. So I have to worry about the rain every weekend until the middle of July. I wish I could move in California and stay there during the rainy season at least. Rain makes me sad and I miss blue sky.

One of the reasons that I chose San Diego as a place I was going to study in 2008, was weather.  According to Wikipedia, the average of precipitation days in San Diego is 43, while it is 100 in Tokyo. And it does not rain a lot in San Francisco, either. The average of rainy days a year is 70 and most of them are between November and March. They have beautiful weather in a period of April to October.

I miss California… but I am going to have a business trip to SF next week. It is June, which is beautiful and comfortable season. I cannot wait for it! If I have time, I want to have a jog along Embarcadero seeing the Bay Bridge as I often used to do.

Being busy is not too bad

More than two weeks have passed since I blogged last time. I have been busy for working recently. So it is kind of hard to keep blogging. Let me write briefly about these days.

On January 23rd, Sunday, I ran a full marathon race for the first time in my life. My leg cramped a few times in last 2 miles, but I reached the goal at last. The record was 3 hours and 57 minutes. I was glad to achieve my target time four hours. My wrap times and some comments are on my Japanese blog.

In the midnight of the day I ran a marathon, I took flight to San Francisco for the business trip. During most of the flight, I was sleeping due to awful fatigue by the race. Arrived to a hotel in downtown San Francisco in the evening of Sunday.

From Monday through Friday, I worked at the office where I was until last July. I was busy after five, too. Saw a movie, Black Swan Monday evening, went to Mountain View by Caltrain to have dinner with friends Tuesday evening. Had dinner with friends Wednesday and Thursday as well. We went to Hands on Goumet to have a competition within a team as the offsite event.

In the morning on January 29, Saturday, I went to a theatre to see King’s Speech. In the afternoon, got the flight back to Japan and arrived my home late in the night of Sunday.

In the airplane, I saw movies, The Town, Wall Street and RED.

After coming back in Tokyo, quite busy for working. However, being busy is much better than having nothing to do in my opinion.


Last day at work in SF

After incredibly amazing, great life at Atlassian San Francisco for a year, I am going to be transferred to Japan this month. It is really sad to leave this wonderful place, where is hard to find same place on the planet, but this is also great opportunity to expand our business and make it successful back in my country.

Because I continue to be working for the company and probably came back here often for business trip, I did not say “goodbye” to my colleagues and did not need to have a big farewell party. However, my buddy, Ben, who is very nice and always take care of me, planned a heartfelt drink party for me at Nihon Whisky in Mission last night. Thanks to the party, I could avoid the feeling of loneliness.

With Ben.

Ben also planed farewell lunch a couple of days ago at Puerto Alegre in Mission. Because lots of people, including my boss Todd, have long weekend for this July 4th weekend, we had lunch in the middle of the week. Daniel in the below picture is the person who introduced a job in this company and cares about me anytime.

Todd is my great boss and good example whom I want to become in future. Thanks to him, his lively nature, I could be relaxed in the office.

Thanks everyone! I’ll miss you soon, but see you soon.

My journey does not end. I will make this fantastic company famous in Japan and come back here in San Francisco in near future!