Better run in snow than rain

A happy new year everyone!

We had snow here in Yokohama on a new year’s day in 2015. It didn’t seem to stop snowing, so I went to run in the middle of the snow. It was 13.1km distance, which was a bit longer than my usual run probably because I was excited to do that for the first time in this new year.

This picture was taken after the snow was gone. Actually, I prefer running in snow to rain. Snow does not make you wet so much as rain. πŸ™‚



ACL reconstruction surgery 3

Things aren’t all bad in the hospital. My friends visited me with get-well foods in turn.

They brought my favorite “Mister Donut.” By the way, I thought Mister Donut was founded in Japan for long time… (It was originally founded in the U.S.)

This is another friend who knows I like Mister Donut.

He brought more than twenty pieces of Haagen-dasz ice cream.

Burgers are definitely not what hospital serves.

As a consequence of eating a lot between meals, I gained six or seven pounds for two weeks.

Because I took my laptop and gadgets in the room, I was never bored. Wireless device was not allowed technically, but I could use it.

I didn’t have to prepare and clean off meals by myself, and pretty nurses took care of me. The life in the hospital was quite comfortable if it did not hurt that much…



ACL reconstruction surgery 2

Before undergoing the operation, you need to remove hair from your leg. Of course, this was the first time for me to become “bald.” Used removing cream for women.

I didn’t know my own leg is this much pretty.

A few days after the surgery

Two weeks after the surgery. The wounds are not so big. It won’t be outstanding once hairs are back.

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ACL reconstruction surgery 1

Unfortunately, I got my right knee ACL (and MCL) torn during a baseball game back on March 20. I underwent the ACL reconstruction surgery on June 15, and for it I was hospitalized from June 14 to 25. The hospital Ohkubo is located in Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku, which is quite interesting place, famous for night life and as “sleepless town.”

I had already taken some tests like blood test for the surgery in the previous week, the first day of the hospital was very relaxed one. Removing leg hair was the most important thing on the day.

The surgery itself didn’t hurt at all because it was performed under general anesthesia. However, some tubes stuck into near backbone, penis, knee really hurt… It started at 1:30PM and I was pulled back to consciousness around 5PM.

This photo was taken in the night of the day.

I don’t exaggerate, but the first night was hell. Due to pains by those tubes and awful backache I couldn’t sleep at all. I have never had such long, endless night before… An old guy sleeping at next bed underwent a surgery on the same day and groaned through the night as well as I did. The room was just like field hospital in war.

I remember I was really relieved to see a lightening of the sky through the window.

Rehabilitation started from the next day of the surgery in order to avoid the knee becoming tight. A machine automatically bend and stretch my knee and this was another hell…

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Monthly Targets in 2012

One month already passed in 2012. But, better late than never. Here are my monthly targets and its objectives:

  1. Go to gym 10 times a month
    • To show higher performance in baseball games. Often jog to gym. 5 miles back and forth.
  2. Read 1 book a month
    • Β To increase speed of understanding English. I got a Kindle recently.
  3. Watch 4 movies a month
    • To improve listening ability of English. With no subtitle or English subtitle.

#2 seems the hardest. I will check my achievement every month here on my blog.

Another bike tour with my friends

I blogged about Tour de Sean the other day. We planned another tour and did it with same members last week. The destination this time was Lake Tsukui and Miyagase Dam in Kanagawa prefecture. The trip route was as follows:

I ran 130km and climbed 930m as an accumulated total, while ran 190km and climbed 1,670m for two days at Tour de Sean.

Our bicycles at Aikawa park located in Miyagase Dam area. We took a wrong way, so were forced to climb very steep hill after this…

It was a nice weather again.

We finally got to the top of Miyagase Dam.

My friend isn’t an Italian, but wore a nice, blue Italian cycling jersey. Cool.


The dam releases water a couple of times a week for visiters. Fortunately we could see the event.

Out trip ended at our favorite Ramen restaurant. πŸ™‚

Riding a bike along Arakawa River

This riding was totally off the top of my head. It was back on July 24th that I took a bike ride along Arakawa River for 60km. Thanks to Run Keeper, I have a correct record of that day. I started riding around noon and grabbed some rice balls at the convenience store on the way.

This is a picture the blue Iwabuchi Floodgate. Also, there was a red one a couple of hundred meters away from there.

Several jet boats was running in sequence. If water were much clearer, this scenery would have been more beautiful. We do not have beautiful water in Tokyo…

I am missing the view of San Francisco Bay.