Carrier war for iPhone 5 in Japan just has begun

In the previous post, I was wondering if I choose Softbank or au (KDDI) for my iPhone 5 carrier. After hearing reputation of both users and consideration for a week, I decided au because of better LTE coverage and ordered it the day before yesterday.

However, Softbank suddenly announced they acquired another telecommunication carrier to strengthen their coverage today.

Japan’s Softbank to Acquire Rival eAccess –

Softbank to buy rival eAccess for more than $1.8 billion – Reuters

What the f…!

I can cancel my order for au since they are out of stocks now and it takes a couple of weeks for me to get it actually. I am tired of comparing and thinking…


Softbank or au for iPhone 5 carrier

Have you already got new iPhone – iPhone 5? I am definitely going to get the one, but not yet. The primary reason I haven’t done so yet is I am still comparing two carriers. One is Softbank, another is au. Yes, there are multiple carriers in Japan just like AT&T, Sprint and Verizon in the U.S.

There are a few of points for comparison between the two:

  • 4G LTE coverage
  • Tethering

As you know, iPhone 5 can connect to LTE network, and Softbank and au have started providing the LTE service with iPhone 5 release on September 21st. This faster telecommunication network will bring us to the next generation literally. The coverage of LTE and actual connectivity matters a lot. According to this field test report, au showed better results in terms of both speed and connectivity at several major cities in Tokyo. However, this report says the opposite, Softbank is better. (Those tests were done on the first day of the service, when not a lot of people use them, so I don’t know how much they are trustworthy, though.)

Tethering is the option for people who often use their laptop out of office or home. I usually work at same place, so do not feel so often that I want the option. However, I have a mobile wifi router in case of working outside and it would be great if I do not have to take it every time I go out. au already have this option and Softbank will start in January.

Monthly rate is also one of the factors, but it does not matter so much as the above two.

I will probably decide in a couple of weeks after checking a bit more test reports. Until then, I enjoy being excited and dreaming to have the beautiful, new iPhone in my head.

Computer glasses quick review – JINS PC

I purchased computer glasses at common eyewear shop JINS yesterday since I work in front of computer whole day.

JINS is growing brand in Japan because of its reasonable price and variety kinds of glasses.

JINS PC is one of their popular products. They started selling JINS PC with prescription glasses recently, so I ordered the one. I paid for it about JPY10,000 or $125 and waited for a few weeks.

The bottom one is JINS PC and the top is my regular one. PC’s glasses tint a bit.

The weight is slightly lighter. I wore them all day today, but did not feel difference yet. Maybe, I need a couple of days or so to see if these ease my eyes strain.

Technically, they do so no matter how I feel. They cut some blue light emitted from computer screen by 50% at maximum. I hope this helps reducing eye strain, but also improving focus on computer work.

How do I use multiple social media?

About a month ago, Google launched a new project called Google+. There are already plenty of social media out there such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Mixi in Japan, but I couldn’t help participating in Google+ because I felt it would probably become popular service.

I use those social media for different purposes with different languages. Mixi is just for personal things with close friends and only in Japanese language. I started Mixi back in 2005, which was next year of Facebook founded, and almost no one knew about Facebook in Japan at that time. I only have several dozen friends in there and it is very closed network.

Facebook is mixed media for me. I use it 50% for private and 50% for business. Originally, Facebook was the media I connect to my classmates and friends when I lived in the U.S. and often uploaded pictures. So, primary language on my Facebook is English. However, my business targets tech people and they usually have Facebook account, so I gradually shifted its usage to business with using “List” functionality. It allows me to post something stupid with “list” so that business friends cannot see it.


I have a couple of Twitter accounts and primary one is for business in Japanese. Secondary one is mainly for personal and in English. But you cannot separate things so easily. It is sometimes mixed between business and private.

Google+ is 90% for business. I usually post publicly and synchronize it with Twitter. People think Google+ is a competitive service with Facebook, but I think it can replace Twitter. For me, Google+ is alternative service of Twitter, which can be written with unlimited number of characters. I post on Google+ 50% in English and 50% in Japanese.

I do not know if I continue using these multiple services and different way of using them. Those kind of services could change gradually or suddenly along with users’ demand.


Apple, Apple, Orange and Apple

Three Apples in my room since I have got iPad the other day. To be honest, I did not use Apple’s product before coming to the U.S. two years ago. When I started working for present company, most of my colleagues, especially marketing people, used MacBook + iPhone. I could choose PC, but did Mac as most of our employees did.

I did not come up with specific usage with iPad, and still now. That was the reason I did not buy iPad for nearly two months. In my apartment and office, I use laptop. I drive to office, so cannot read e-book. iPhone with 3G network covers almost anywhere in the city. So, did I need iPad? No. No reason to get it at hand. It was enough to try it a couple of times at Apple store or my colleagues’.

However, I now think I should have bought this iPad earlier because I am very happy with it and really enjoy playing it. Maybe, I do not need to explain why I have to get this device. Maybe, this is just a “big iPhone”. But it is enough pleasing me. You might not understand what I am saying until you have it by yourself.

Nothing is impossible

Facebook had 6th birthday on February 4th. It surprised me to some extent. It has been only 6 years since they started this web service, and now they have 350 million users, which is more than the population of the U.S. FYI, US population is about 309 million as of today according to population clock.

I got my account on Facebook back in summer 2008 when I moved from Japan to San Diego. At that time, Facebook was still competing with MySpace and about passing them as far as I know. At this moment, Facebook is getting more user than MySpace by far obviously.

Many people have analyzed what was the cause of making such a big difference. (There are some references in the end of this post.) So I do not intend to argue about that. I just want to say “nothing is impossible”. 7 years ago, there were no Facebook, but now they have a big “republic” on the Internet.  This fact often encourage me to tackle difficult things in business.