Trying new editor of WP

I haven't seen the feature of the new editor and am trying to figure out what they are.
Honestly, I haven't logged in the wp for a while.


Cherry blossoms is what you should see before die

Excuse me for publishing a very short blog, but I wanted to share one of the beautiful things about Japan here. It’s what you can see only for a week or so every April (or March).

We, people who live in Japan, can see these cherry blossoms every spring. However, I know it’s kinda difficult for visitors to do it because the time to full bloom is not the same week of a year. If you come in the last week of March or the first week of April and are lucky enough, you can make it.

Long way to master English

I started attending English course, which focuses on improving your accent, back in August and finished it tonight. It consists of eight private lessons and a qualification test following. I luckily passed the test and got qualified with this level which is equivalent to European according to their description. Yes, European is recognized better English speaker than Asian in terms of accent. 

This school’s method is to train your muscles which are needed to produce some sounds that Japanese people are not good at such as “th”, “f” and “r”.

I haven’t decided yet if I take next level. Continuous practice by myself would make difference anyways.  

Wireless earbuds review

I bought a plantronics’ BackBeat GO, which is a wireless earphone connected to iPhone by bluetooth, two weeks ago. It works pretty well so far. Here is my review:


  • Feel free from being wired with iPhone especially when I eat something with watching streaming contents such as Hulu, TED, etc. Yes, this is my purpose to get this device.
  • Don’t take time to disentangle the code


  • Bluetooth connection consumes battery of iPhone very fast
  • Doesn’t fit into my ear well. Probably too big for my ear although I replaced it with the smallest eartips.


  • Great to use most of the time. Feel pain when use for a long time.   


In Time

In Time was written and directed by Andrew Niccol, whose famous work is my favorite movie Gattaca. I watched and enjoyed In Time although a number of people gave low score to on IMDb.

Paying time for getting something sounds unreal, but we actually do such things just without realizing it. When you buy junk food, you pay money plus some time like a day, because your life expectancy would become a day shorter with it.


The picture is from IMDb.