Movies in December: 6

If you are an enthusiastic reader of this blogs, you know how often I go to movie theaters. I might have gone there too much, it becomes a sort of hard to find movies worth seeing at theaters. Last week, I suddenly came up with the idea to see movies in DVD and actually bought DVD player. Adding on that, I signed up membership of Netflix and ordered Slumdog Millionaire. The DVD came at hand in two days and saw it. The reason why I need DVD player was that I found the movies, which I saw in the theaters this fall, was getting or going to be released in DVD, such as Julie and Julia, Inglorious Bastard. I think it is really good way learning English language to see same movie twice. And I can see it with English subtitles for the second time.

Today I saw Avatar, which is said as the most expensive movie ever, at the rate one of the most cheapest 6 dollars. For people who may not know this, AMC provides all movies only at 6 dollars in the morning.



I should have seen this movie in 3D version. I noticed it right after starting the story. I recommend it if you have an opportunity. I think this is worth it.

Did you hear about the Morgans?


Hugh Grant is one my favorite actors. And I wanted to see Sarah Jessica Parker playing with Hugh Grant.

Avatar Trailer