Great combo: Fireworks, Pizza and Beer

We have fireworks like every weekend from the end of July through the mid of August in Japan. The Jingu fireworks was run on August 19th and it was almost the end of fireworks series. My apartment is located 1.5 miles away from the stadium where the fireworks set off. So, I invited some friends to my room and saw it from the balcony. We could see the fireworks like the following photos. It was nearly in the dead angle and looked small. However, it was good feeling to see them from my balcony. It reminded me the fireworks near Ferry Building in San Francisco. Time really goes fast. About one year already passed from it.

We were able to luckily see it because my neighbor was out. (Actually, I have never seen them or never felt they are at home.)

We enjoyed drinking beer. They are my old friends from high school.

We asked delivery pizza which has some cheese in the edge of the crust. Yummy!