Sayonara – goodbye my Subaru!

Although I had lots of meats at BBQ yesterday, I went to Burger King today. The campaign is ran and we can have Whopper as much as possible within 30 minutes. I paid 750 yen or 8.50 dollars for Whopper meal to get the first Whopper. I ate three Whoppers, but didn’t want to get another one. Three was enough to make me stop. That’s a matter of taste. I think I could have 5 or 6 if it is my favorite In & Out.

I sold my car, which I left in Japan when I moved to California two years ago and my family drove that, today to car dealer. It is incredibly low price, but no other choice. To sell a car to other strange people through Craig’s list or other website is not popular here. And the procedure to migrate ownership is complicated, which takes time that I cannot have. I got my car, Legacy Touring Wagon manufactured by Subaru, back in 2001. The car has its unique, powerful Boxer engine, and run very well even on snow with 4WD. I don’t want to sell, but can’t keep it here in Tokyo central area. Parking fee is freaking expensive. I miss my car, but want to say “thank you for 9 years and goodbye, my pretty girl!”.