Sayonara – goodbye my Subaru!

Although I had lots of meats at BBQ yesterday, I went to Burger King today. The campaign is ran and we can have Whopper as much as possible within 30 minutes. I paid 750 yen or 8.50 dollars for Whopper meal to get the first Whopper. I ate three Whoppers, but didn’t want to get another one. Three was enough to make me stop. That’s a matter of taste. I think I could have 5 or 6 if it is my favorite In & Out.

I sold my car, which I left in Japan when I moved to California two years ago and my family drove that, today to car dealer. It is incredibly low price, but no other choice. To sell a car to other strange people through Craig’s list or other website is not popular here. And the procedure to migrate ownership is complicated, which takes time that I cannot have. I got my car, Legacy Touring Wagon manufactured by Subaru, back in 2001. The car has its unique, powerful Boxer engine, and run very well even on snow with 4WD. I don’t want to sell, but can’t keep it here in Tokyo central area. Parking fee is freaking expensive. I miss my car, but want to say “thank you for 9 years and goodbye, my pretty girl!”.


I’m in google street view now.

Red colored car is outstanding

Technically speaking, not me, but my car is in google street view. For a certain reason, I checked the map of my office from company website. I found my red car instantly. The license is censored, so it cannot be identified. However, the car is mine without fail. Who took this picture? That’s my question.

By the way, the picture I posted here before was taken at same place.

Picture 2