Long way to master English

I started attending English course, which focuses on improving your accent, back in August and finished it tonight. It consists of eight private lessons and a qualification test following. I luckily passed the test and got qualified with this level which is equivalent to European according to their description. Yes, European is recognized better English speaker than Asian in terms of accent. 

This school’s method is to train your muscles which are needed to produce some sounds that Japanese people are not good at such as “th”, “f” and “r”.

I haven’t decided yet if I take next level. Continuous practice by myself would make difference anyways.  


The 1st Anniversary in the U.S. and one resolution

Just one year ago, I moved from Japan to San Diego, California. I can’t forget it was September 6th, 2008. So, now you know, it is my first anniversary today.

For my anniversary, I have decided to start writing blog in this English blog service, WordPress. I have been writing my blog in English and Japanese in Japanese blog service called “Sean’s life in the republic of California.”

The reasons I made this decision are three as follows:

  1. Want to write blogs that can be read by people in global. My current blog is served in Japanese, so it is not friendly for non-Japanese.
  2. Need to talk topics that are interested by English local people. 70% of readers of my present blogs is Japanese and I pick up topics that I want to show them. Those things are often not interested by non-Japanese people. On this blog, I will sometimes introduce Japanese culture on the other hand of my Japanese blog.
  3. Cannot stand that my low English skill anymore. I strongly want to improve my English as fast as possible. I should “graduate” from Japanese.

Do me a favor of this blog readers. Please feel free correcting my English expression or asking me if you cannot understand what I am saying! That is the most effective way to learn language.

p.s The subdomain of this blog ends with “banaba”, not “banana’. This was not intentionally. Just my typo.  🙂