Terrible week ever…

I felt sluggish last Monday morning. I thought it was because I watched TV such a long time before the day. With uncomfortable feeling, I went to work and finished it. The miserable story started in the midnight. I found strong pain in my stomach and couldn’t sleep well.

As I had similar experience a couple of times before, I instantly noticed that was symptom of food poisoning. The suspects which made me sick were two. One is Japanese curry I had for lunch Sunday, and another was clam chowder I had for dinner. Both were not raw cook, so I was not cautious about having them.

From my previous experiences, I thought I was recovering in half a day. However, the symptom did not go away on the first day, second day, and third day yet. I tried working at home on Tuesday and Wednesday, but it was really hard to keep me get up from bed. As a result, I took two of sick leaves for the first time.

In the morning of the third day, Thursday, I went to see a doctor at last. Precisely speaking, I wanted to see a doctor earlier, but I could not because I was lack of energy to going there. Anyways, I got some medicine, which was supposed to cure my food poisoning soon.

After taking medicine, I was still feeling down one and half a day more. I was wondering why it took so long for recovering. I have been relatively healthy and rarely catch cold. And I believe I am strong against such bad things from outside body. However, I could not recover soon as I expected this time… I am already 35 years old, maybe start losing physical strength a bit by bit. With my positive thinking, it is ideal time to look back on my health and think about changing my life style. Such a good opportunity!!

Actually, I bought mixer yesterday to make some fruit, or maybe vegetable drink. I already tried strawberry and banana smoothie, which was made from yogurt, milk, ice and those fruits. It is not only good for health, but also really tasty!

Now I am writing this blog in the afternoon of Sunday. I feel like I have recovered 85% and will be 100% tomorrow morning. This was a really, really terrible week ever, but good and inevitable lesson in order to keep myself health long time. Thanks!