Movies in October 3

My quick review and score

Today I went to a theatre which was different one from I usually go to. Landmark Theatre is in 1 Embarcadero¬† Center where is just a couple of blocks away my apartment. It is not bad. But the back of chairs is short, which makes me a little bit stressful because it doesn’t support my neck. However, again, it is not bad, small, cozy theatre.

The Damned United

7.4/10 (might be 8.0)

First of all, British English is more harder for me to understand than American English. I am even struggling with American English.

I would have enjoyed much more this football movie if there were subtitles. If you are interested in football, especially in premier league, you cannot miss this movie. You will have some interesting knowledge of football in 1970’s.

The picture is from IMDb.

Picture 1