Winter Trip Day 1 – Travel to Hanoi

This is a diary of December 25, 2013. I blogged about Bangkok in Thailand yesterday, but it was the one a year ago. It took about a year to finish the blog series of the travel which I did last year.

Today, Christmas Day, I started another trip in Vietnam.

Departed from Narita, had transit in Korea, then landed in Hanoi, Vietnam around 10pm.

There were a few of foreign exchange shops in the airport, so I chose the best exchange rate. I have much more bills than ever before thanks to the rate between JPY and VND.


Then, I got SIM card for my tablet Nexus 7 with 350,000VND. You can use it until reaching 3GB. I was not sure if it was reasonable, but works well anyways. There were two carriers and couldn’t know which had more coverage. I chose the shop which looks newer and better.

Hotel is quite nice considering its cheap price. $16 per night at Stars Hotel. I expected it more like guest house, but actually hotel. They thought I would come with someone, so prepared two beds. One is enough for me, of course.


Good night. I am exhausted by taking flights and taxi which smelled cigarette….