The first movie review from Tokyo

If you are a frequent reader of this blogs, you probably know I am a regular moviegoer. I went to see movies almost every weekend when I was in San Francisco. I haven’t seen movies at all since moved back here in Tokyo. I have been too busy to go to theater last month. Another reason that I haven’t is tickets are really expensive in Japan. The regular price for each person is 1,800 yen (= 21 dollars)!! I usually paid 6 dollars for each movie in the morning. If I went there in the evening, it was only 10 dollars. So, movie tickets are expensive more than two times of California.



I know Inception is very popular in the U.S. It is popular also in Japan. Not only by its great plot, but by the fact Japanese actor, Ken Watanabe, stars in it. And I found today some of Japanese places, such as Kyoto, were used as the location for the movie.

Ellen Page played important part of the story. She is still young, 23 years old, and looks like a college student, but acts like very matured one. I made sure that she is really talented actress.

The plot is pretty tricky, complicated and elaborated. If you do not pay attention, it is easy to be lost. This is the movie which you might want to see more than twice and you will find new things every time. When DVD is released, I want to see it again. (The problem is that I do not have TV in my room…)

(The picture is from IMDb.)