Need continuous support – Japan Tsunami and Earthquake

Last Sunday, March 11, was one year anniversary of the great Tsunami and Earthquake in Japan. As lots of media covered, people are still suffering from the damage of the disaster including nuclear power plant accident caused by the natural disaster.

1 year later, Japan pauses to remember earthquake, tsunami” by CNN, March 11, 2012

Although quite few people became volunteer to help them, I have never visited the devastated area since it happened. I have to confess the reason why.

I wanted to go there to help people actually, but couldn’t say it was not from my curiosity. I felt that I should not go with such emotion. Adding on that, I didn’t want to approach the area Fukushima nuclear power plants, to be honest. I know I am a coward.

I am really sorry for people who passed away, still missing, and evacuating. I don’t think money solves problems they are facing, but it’s my way of support as I did one year ago. Maybe, better than doing nothing.

I couldn’t find any fund which is dedicated to this disaster in American Red Cross, so donated $500 to Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund on GlobalGiving instead.


They need your continuous support. I know it becomes harder as time passes because we are creature who easily forget pain.

You can donate from this page on GlobalGiving, $25 at minimum.


To the Japan Sea by CAAD10 – The 2nd Day

It was on October 30, 2011 for the second day of the bike trip. (Yes, I am so lazy and it took over a month to blog about this trip.)

Around 6 in the morning I left a guest house and started going down the slope.

Going over Shinano railways to Unnojuku (jp).

Chikuma River is a part of Shinano River, which is the longest and largest river in Japan. The river is called Chikuma River only in Nagano Prefecture.

The main street in Unnojuku.

Chikuma River cycling road was not maintained well in contrast to Tone and Arakawa River. Grasses grows in the gaps of the road surface.

Vivid green grasses looked beautiful.

According to the weather forecast, it would rain in the evening, but it actually rained in the morning. If it were a fine day, the mountains would have looked lovely.

To ride a bicycle in the rain wasn’t so fun. I wish I could get train to go back home, but I needed to reach the Japan sea in anyways.

My feet was quite cold in the shoes. I got a few of plastic bags at a convenience store to wrap my feet.

After taking a break at the convenience store, I biked north up a storm since I was running late due to the rain.

This is a bridge on Chikuma River in Iiyama city.

I left the bypass here to bike up hill. This was the last pass in the two days’ trip. It stopped raining without even noticing.

The slope was killingly steep, but not so long as Usui pass I ran on the previous day.

Once finished climbing the hill and ran down it, I didn’t want to stop any more. Then, I biked 40 km with no break.

Naoetsu port is the sea entrance for Sado Island. The Japan Sea is almost there.

Finally, I reached my destination with two days cycling for 360km, average speed 24.0km/h. I wish the beach be beautiful as in California, but this is Japan where I live.

It took two days by bicycle, but only took two hours by express train for return to Tokyo. I want to do it again by another course maybe in next summer.

World Cup 2010 quick note

Because I am only the only person from Japan in my office, I feel like I need to be a Japan soccer ambassador. 🙂 We had a historic win this morning by defeating Cameroon! See WSJ’s post for more details.

Japanese Win Surprises … Japan (WSJ)

Next, Netherlands, and then Denmark! Both teams are high ranker than Japan, of course. However, we beat Cameroon. Nothing is impossible.

I am ashamed of his behavior…

I don’t want to say this. But the new about humiliated behavior by Japanese Minister at G7 is on top of newspaper’s website…ガーン


You are representative of all Japanese. Please don’t do it again.


And I am one of representative of Japanese when I am abroad. I should know it and behave good manner.


with photos