Better run in snow than rain

A happy new year everyone!

We had snow here in Yokohama on a new year’s day in 2015. It didn’t seem to stop snowing, so I went to run in the middle of the snow. It was 13.1km distance, which was a bit longer than my usual run probably because I was excited to do that for the first time in this new year.

This picture was taken after the snow was gone. Actually, I prefer running in snow to rain. Snow does not make you wet so much as rain. 🙂



Run for health

I entered for half marathon, which will be held in the end of November. This is going to be my third entry for half marathon. As I blogged three weeks ago, I declared that I would be regular jogger. Setting this race as my milestone, I cannot give up running. I do not mind how fast the time would be, but want to run the whole distance.

The next week of the declaration, I bought a useful iApp called “Nike+ GPS“. I can record my running history including distance, time, and route information, without any other device than iPhone. This was totally win for me. Thanks to the application, jogging became more fun than before.

As a result, I ran 14 times for 18 days. The total distance is 83 km or 51 miles. I run around Jingu Gaien on weekdays, and Imperial Palace on weekends. Hopefully, I can keep this pace until the date of the race. I am running for my health, but in order to continue I need this kind of racing as milestones.

Jingu Gaien course

My usual jogging course. The number shows distance in kilo meter.

The Imperial Palace course

Running course around Imperial Palace is just 5 km without any traffic lights and it’s very popular for joggers in Tokyo area.