In Time

In Time was written and directed by Andrew Niccol, whose famous work is my favorite movie Gattaca. I watched and enjoyed In Time although a number of people gave low score to on IMDb.

Paying time for getting something sounds unreal, but we actually do such things just without realizing it. When you buy junk food, you pay money plus some time like a day, because your life expectancy would become a day shorter with it.


The picture is from IMDb.


Movie: She’s out of my league

Yesterday, I was wondering if I should see “She’s out of my league” or “Remember me”. The latter is serious drama and Twilight guy is starring. Because not a long time after recovering my sick, I chose easy one and just wanted to laugh.

She’s out of my league


This story is about a man, who is never cool, but starts seeing a really hot woman. The woman had interested in him because he looked safe and did not hurt her. She had bad experience that was cheated by ex-boyfriend.

As expected before, this movie was enjoyable and easy to see. Not only laughing, but also some good lessons I learned from this movie. The keyword is “self esteem”. I recommend this movie for all men, who do not have their own appearance or personality or something. You will see my words when you finish.

The picture is from IMDb.